Java 8 |How to use forEach

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In this article let us see how to use forEach in Java 8.

forEach is one of the key features of Java 8.

Classic for-loop made developers write boiler-plate code and they have to handle iteration externally which are prone to errors.

But forEach handles the iterator internally and the developer can concentrate only on logic.

So, for-loop is an example of external iterator and forEach is an example if Internal iterator.

For instance,iterating a collection of String using for-loop,

//Iterate and print each element
for(String item:list) {

Using forEach,

//Iterate and print each element
list.forEach(item -> System.out.println(item));

See how simple the code is.Please note, we have used lambda expression.

Consider we need to write some logic inside the forEach. In such case,

list.forEach(item ->{
      if(item.equalsIgnoreCase("Item 1")) {
           System.out.println("I am Item 1");

ForEach with static method reference

If we have a static method with an argument of the same type of Collection, then this static method can be called inside the forEach.

Let us define a class with a static method.

public class Test {

//Static method
static void print(String item) {

This method can be invoked in forEach as below,

//Static Method reference

ForEach with Instance method reference

If we have an instance method with an argument of same type of Collection, then this instance method can be called inside the forEach.

Let us define a class and a method.

public class Test
    void apply(String item) {

This method can be invoked in forEach as below,

//Create an instance and instance Method reference
Test test = new Test();

Please refer to Iterate a list using forEach and Iterate a map using forEach for more examples.

Please refer to External iterator vs internal iterators to know how forEach controls iteration.

Java 8 forEach official documentation.

These are the main usages of forEach and please be in touch with my blog for more updates om java 8 and various other tutorials.

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