Scala Curried or currying functions

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Welcome to Scala series. In this tutorial, you will learn about Scala Curried or currying functions in detail.

Usually a method or a function can have N number of arguments.


def add(a: Int, b: Int): Int = {
    a + b


Result : 4

The above function/method has two arguments a and b.

Curried or Currying functions

In Scala, a method/function can also have multiple parameters list which called as currying functions or curried functions.

def add(x: Int) = (y: Int) => {
    x + y

The above function/method accepts two list of arguments x and y. The method should be invoked as below.


Result : 4

Curried or Currying functions examples

def add2(x: Int) = (y: Int) => (z: Int) => (a: Int) => {
    x + y + z + a


Result : 10


def add3(x: Int) = (y: Int, z: Int) => (a: Int) => (b: Int) => {
    x + y + z + a + b


Result : 15

References : Scala Curried or currying functions documentation

I hope you like this mini tutorial and you were able to understand how Curried or currying functions works.

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