Scala tutorial – a complete guide

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Scala tutorial

Welcome to Scala tutorial series. On this page, I have listed down most of the Scala tutorial – a complete guide to learn and understand each feature with examples.

Scala tutorial Index


  1. What is Scala REPL?
  2. How to write the main method?
  3. Scala print println printf function
  4. Scala paste mode
  5. Scala lazy loading concept
  6. Scala String Interpolation

Scala Variables

  1. Scala mutable and immutable variables
  2. Scala var vs val

Scala Operators

  1. Scala arithmetic operations
  2. Scala relational operations

Scala conditional statements

  1. Scala if-else conditional expression
  2. Scala while and do-while loop
  3. Scala Break statement

Scala Class, Case class, Object, and Traits

  1. Scala class
  2. Scala object
  3. Scala Trait
  4. Scala Companion object
  5. Scala case class

Scala Functions and methods

  1. Scala method in detail
  2. Scala function in detail
  3. Scala nested methods
  4. Scala Higher-order functions
  5. Scala Curried or currying functions


  1. Scala mutable and immutable collections
  2. Arrays
  3. Range
  4. List
  5. Queue
  6. Stack
  7. Set
  8. Scala for loop with examples
  9. Scala yield function
  10. Scala tuple
  11. Scala Guard function
  12. 3 ways of for-loop reverse in Scala
  13. Scala forall method with examples
  14. Iterate a List in Scala using ‘for loop’ and foreach
  15. Iterate an array in Scala using ‘for loop’ and foreach
  16. 2 ways to iterate a list in Scala with examples
  17. 2 ways to iterate a map in Scala with examples
  18. 2 ways to iterate a seq in Scala with examples

Collection functions/operation with examples

  1. head()
  2. last()
  3. tail()
  4. distinct()
  5. min()
  6. max()
  7. sum()
  8. count()
  9. mkString()
  10. addString()
  11. drop()
  12. dropRight()
  13. dropWhile()
  14. filter()
  15. filterNot()
  16. find()
  17. findLast()
  18. reverse()
  19. sameElements()
  20. take()
  21. takeRight()
  22. takeWhile()
  23. init()
  24. apply()
  25. contains and containsSlice()
  26. map()
  27. flatMap()
  28. groupBy()
  29. span()


References: Official documentation

I hope the Scala tutorial – a complete guide was very useful and you were able to understand easily. Please stay in touch with this page as we will be adding more features of Scala tutorial with a clear and concise explanation.

I request you to please leave us feedback such this Scala tutorial can be improved further. 

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